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Meet the Potter

          Merrilyn Reeves was born in Exeter, New Hampshire, and spent most of her childhood in the small town of Kensington, New Hampshire.  Yes, that would be me!  I graduated from Exeter High School and received a Bachelor of Arts in zoology (with a minor in chemistry!) from the University of New Hampshire. 


          In 1969 I married the love of my life, Waverley Reeves.  Marriage and raising our four wonderful children, Eric, Kimberly, Rachel, and Matthew, was my first career.  We are very proud of our children!  They are all responsible young men and women, each serving the Lord in his own way.  To see where they are today, click on their links.

          During the early years, the main focus was keeping dirty things clean:  little bottoms, little noses, lots of diapers and small articles of clothing, mountains of dishes, and oh, so many floors.  As the children grew, the focus changed to education, both formal and informal.  During their school years, I spent many delightful hours teaching enrichment classes in the public school, working with children of all ages at a private Christian school, and teaching my own children at home.  Gardening, sewing, embroidery, and other hand-crafts were favorite "leisure" time activities during this time.   

          As the children began to leave home one by one, more time became available for pursuit of personal interests.  Inspired by observing a potter while visiting Yellowstone Park, I began pottery classes in the late 1988 at a local college because I love the look and feel of hand-crafted pottery.  Achieving some success in early attempts, I have continued to throw and hand-build pieces, developing and refining my skill over many of years, culminating today in Wildwood Pottery.

          Other interests include grandchildren, gardening, natural foods, handcrafts of many types and serving my community as an advanced EMT and a Certified Professional Midwife/Licensed Midwife and welcoming precious bundles from heaven into their mothers' arms My husband Waverley and I live in Plummer, Idaho, befriended by our black lab Kate.

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