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Rustic Pots

        This is a new style!  The fired stoneware clay is deep reddish brown in color.  The reddish color peeks through the glaze where it is thinner, contrasting nicely to the glaze's blue to green color and scattered accents of gold-brown tones.  On certain pots, the outside of the pot is left unglazed so the color of the clay is apparent.  Cane handles are a nice finishing touch for a few pots.  Because our Rustic Pots are generally "one of a kind," what is in stock will vary from time to time.  Pictures are representative.  Please call for pots currently in stock.

Funky Pot

Diameter:  10"
Height:  9 1/2"

Price:  $ 65

Covered Dish

Diameter:  7 3/4"
Height:  5"

Price:  $ 31.50

Rustic Planter

Diameter:  11"
Height:  7 1/2"

Price:  $ 57


Large Salad Bowl

Diameter:  12 3/4"
Height:  5"

Price:  $ 65


Individual Salad Bowls

Diameter:  5 1/2"
Height:  2 1/2"

Price:  $ 11.50

Rustic Mini Plates

Size:  3 1/3" square

Price:  $ 5


Handled Display Bowl
Top View

Diameter:  13 1/2"
Height:  12 1/2"

Price:  $ 52

Handled Display Bowl
Side View

Diameter:  13 1/2"
Height:  12 1/2"

Price:  $ 52

Rustic Octagons

Diameter:  3 1/2"

Price:  $ 6.25


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