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The Master Potter

          I love pottery!  I just love the look and feel of it!  I enjoy making beautiful pots for people and using them myself in my own home.  In my travels, my favorite souvenir is a piece of pottery.  When I see an exquisitely designed pot, I know that its creation was not an accident.  Someone put a lot of thought into its design and a lot of effort into throwing, trimming, and finishing the piece.  Such a person is a master potter!

          In the same way, looking at the beauty of nature, the intricate design of a flower, the human body, or even a "simple" single-celled organism, I see incredible evidence of a Designer.  (By the way, a simple one-celled organism is anything but simple!)  In the Bible, Psalms tells us that the moon, stars, and heavens are the work of His fingers and that these same heavens declare His glory.  Have you ever looked up at the starry sky on a summer night?  What an awesome sight!

          The Designer of the heavens is also the Master Potter who created you and me.  He could have been satisfied with simply making us, sending us on our way, and letting it go at that.  However, He desires to have a relationship with each of us and provided a way for this to take place.  Click here to learn how you can have this relationship. 

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