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  Waverley Reeves

          This is the most important person in my life!  Just when I thought I would never find the right person, the Lord brought this wonderful man into my life.  Wave has been a wonderful husband and father, a faithful provider, and an encourager for me with our children, midwifery, and pottery.  Without him, Wildwood Pottery probably wouldn't exist.  No, it wasn't all easy or perfect, but with the Lord's help, we have weathered all the trials and are stronger today because of it.

         Wave worked for many years for Potlatch Corporation as a District Forester.   Since retiring, he has more time for his hobbies such as hunting and fishing, projects around the house, and the most important people in his life, especially kids and grandkids.


We celebrate forty years together
with a lovely anniversary dinner
near Denali in Alaska!


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